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I’m James, a freelance digital marketer specialising in pay-per-click (PPC) & paid social media advertising (in particular Facebook Advertising) for online retailers and eCommerce businesses with a proven track record of results from Facebook Advertising.

 I’m based in Norwich, Norfolk but have clients from all over the UK and have ran campaigns in over 10 countries worldwide.

By focusing on your ideal customer and using my understanding of Facebook Advertising I follow a data-driven approach which ultimately allows me to do more of what is working, and less of what isn’t.

Want to know more about how I work?

We’ve broken down how we run Facebook Ads into 6 simple steps…

1. Focus on your customer
By understanding how your business works and knowing who your ideal customer is I am able to decide on options for targeting.
2. Create a tailored strategy
Every business is different and will require different types of Facebook ads. I will tailor a Facebook advertising strategy that will provide long term results.
3. Test, Test, test
I follow a data-driven approach - that means I'll try out different ideas to see which performs better.
4. Do less of what isn't working
I'm able to find out which channels, placements, audiences, demographics, locations, devices are performing the worst, and stop them.
5. Do more of what is working
The next best thing for improving your ROI is doing more of what is working!
6. Maximise your Return on Investment
Ultimately, doing more of what is working and less of what isn't will maximise your return on investment over time.

Check out my previous work

Facebook advertising case study cover image.

Facebook Ads Case Study

This Facebook Advertising Case Study will look at the approach JSB Digital took which led to a Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) of 6.08.

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